DC-DC Boost Module 5V 3A Step Up Circuit Board QS-0305-15W



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9W High Power Imitation Lumen RGB Led Four Feet
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DC-DC Boost Module 5V 3A Step Up Circuit Board QS-0305-15W

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    Brand: QSKJ

    Model:  QS-0305-15W

    Module introduction:

    • This power module, the core components are all imported. Using patch technology, DC-DC 3V liter 5V boost circuit with USB output, wide working range, working from 3V-5V stable output 5V/3A circuit, good way to charge mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PSP, mobile devices!

    • Using 2 AA/5 batteries, you can charge your mobile phone MP3, MP4. With a large capacity lithium battery, it is a super mobile electric source!

    • Ultra-small size: circuit board: 30mm*18mm*10mm

    • Over-large copper on the back, heat dissipation, high current operation, good heat dissipation, low interference

    • The input and output are all based on the best Sanyo POSCAP 470uF polymer capacitors, and TDK high-capacity high-frequency ceramic capacitors, so that the output ripple is controlled in a very low range.

    • Improved LED indication, more energy efficient, battery voltage is lower than 2.7V, LED indicator is off.

    • The new version of the high current boost circuit uses a high-efficiency boost circuit with a large current MOS tube output current 3A


    • Module nature: non-isolated boost module (BOOST)

    • Input voltage: 3-5V (input voltage less than 3V output current step can reach the rated value)

    • Output voltage: 5.0V (can choose between 3-6V, if other voltages please inform the shopkeeper in advance, the default delivery is 5V)

    • Output current: rated 3A (input voltage greater than 3V), short time 5A (less than 10 seconds)

    • Conversion efficiency: up to 92% (the higher the input voltage, the higher the efficiency)

    • Switching frequency: 500KHz

    • Output ripple: Input 4.2V Output 5V 3A 40mV (MAX) ; Input 3.7V Output 5V 3A 50mV (MAX)

    • 20M bandwidth

    • Undervoltage indication: LED with load LED is on (input voltage is lower than 2.7V LED is off)

    • Operating temperature: industrial grade (-40 ° C to +85 ° C) (the output current is within 1A when the ambient temperature is 85 degrees)

    • Full load temperature rise: 40 ° C

    • Quiescent current: 200uA

    • Load adjustment rate: ±1%

    • Voltage regulation rate: ±0.5%

    • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS

    • Short circuit protection: None, if you want to have short circuit protection, you can input the lithium battery protection board or use a protected lithium battery.

    • Input reverse connection protection: none

    • Wiring method: soldering, DIP-24 standard package, can be directly soldered on the PCB

    • Input mode: IN+ input positive, IN- input negative

    • Output mode: OUT+ output positive, OUT-output negative.

    Application range:

    • DIY a mobile power supply, only need to input a battery power supply, you can output 5V voltage for mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PSP charging, very simple and convenient

    • The boost charger can charge 5V devices with 2 AA batteries or lithium batteries.

    • Power supply for electronic equipment. When the equipment needs 5V power supply, but now it is only powered by lithium battery, we can directly boost it to 5V with our module.

    • The front stage of the system is powered. When the input is for the battery (1-5V), the system board needs 5V stable power supply. Our module can work without debugging directly. It is easy to do. To efficient high-power boost.

    Test picture:

    There are instrument errors in the test. The following tests are for reference only.

    Input 4.20V 0.384A Output 4.987V 0.297A 1.481W Efficiency 91.83%


    Input 4.20V 0.768A Output 4.982V 0.597A 2.974W Efficiency 92.20%


    Input 4.20V 1.156A Output 4.976V 0.897A 4.466W Efficiency 91.98%


    Input 4.20V 1.544A Output 4.971V 1.197A 5.953W Efficiency 91.80%


    Input 4.20V 1.935A Output 4.966V 1.498A 7.437W Efficiency 91.51%


    Input 4.20V 2.328A Output 4.961V 1.798A 8.918W Efficiency 91.21%


    Input 4.20V 2.721A Output 4.955V 2.098A 10.39W Efficiency 90.92%


    Input 4.20V 3.116A Output 4.949V 2.398A 11.86W Efficiency 90.62%


    Input 4.20V 3.513A Output 4.943V 2.698A 13.33W Efficiency 90.34%


    Input 4.20V 3.913A Output 4.937V 2.998A 14.80W Efficiency 90.05%


    Input 3.70V 0.433A Output 4.947V 0.297A 1.469W Efficiency 91.69%


    Input 3.70V 0.869A Output 4.945V 0.597A 2.954W Efficiency 91.87%


    Input 3.70V 1.308A Output 4.944V 0.897A 4.436W Efficiency 91.66%


    Input 3.70V 1.751A Output 4.942V 1.198A 5.918W Efficiency 91.35%


    Input 3.70V 2.197A Output 4.939V 1.498A 7.397W Efficiency 91.00%


    Input 3.70V 2.646A Output 4.936V 1.798A 8.873W Efficiency 90.63%


    Input 3.70V 3.099A Output 4.932V 2.098A 10.34W Efficiency 90.18%


    Input 3.70V 3.552A Output 4.928V 2.398A 11.81W Efficiency 89.86%


    Input 3.70V 4.011A Output 4.923V 2.698A 13.28W Efficiency 89.48%


    Input 3.70V 4.474A Output 4.918V 2.998A 14.74W Efficiency 89.04%