3S 4S 5S 12V 120A Ternary Li-ion Lipo LifePo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Protection Board W Balance BMS High Current Inverter Motorcycle car start UPS QS-B305ABL-200A


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Brand: QSKJ

Model: QS-B305ABL-200A

Product Description:

Our protection board uses 26 imported high-power ultra-low internal resistance MOS tubes (13 discharge and 13 charge), which is by no means a low-power MOS on the market. The internal resistance of our single MOS tube is less than 3 milliohms and the peak current is 410A.

Adopt high-precision independent balancing IC, the balancing current can reach 100mA.

Increase TVS spike protection.

The maximum current is 120A (a small heat sink needs to be added), and the maximum peak current is 370A.

Easily start the car, gasoline engine below 2.5 displacement.


  • The protection board adopts advanced protection circuit. Original special protection IC,100A high Current and low internal resistance MOS (one MOS Internal resistance is 6.5 milliohm),with perfect and stable charging and discharging protection function.

  • Small volume and large current. It can be used in electric tools、Electric vehicle、UPSLarge Current Circumstances.

  • Strong compatibility:Protective board supports the same port and split connection mode. Support 6-20 lithium batteries with series ternary and lithium iron phosphate(Attention: Ternary plates cannot be used in lithium iron phosphate batteries)