A07 Frequency to Voltage Module 0-1KHz to 0-10V Voltage

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Product Description:

LC_F2V is a module which can transform the frequency pulse signal into analog voltage signal. It can transform 0-1KHz frequency signal into 0-10V voltage output. Adjusting frequency can change output voltage, and it can be applied to interface conversion between PLC and frequency converter or sports control card and frequency converter interface matching control


  • Operating Voltage: 13.5-30V 

  • Input Frequency Range: 0-1KHz 

  • Output voltage fine tuning 

  • Adjusting potentiometer can calibrate the relationships between frequency and voltage 

  • Signal input port adopts optocoupler isolation, it guarantees good anti-interference capacity 

  • F/V converter module, response time is 0.3-0.5s. If you want to adjust frequency by a large margin, it needs some time to response 

  • Working temperature:-25~85℃

Interface definition:

  • VCC: operating power supply 

  • GND: power ground 

  • F: input frequency pulse signal 

  • GND: input ground 

  • VOUT: output corresponding voltage 

  • GND: output ground


  • Input different frequency, output will correspond to certain voltage 

  • Input pulse level can be 5V, 12V, 24V, you don’t have to serial connect resistor. But if you input signal frequency, the time should be more than 0.5s 

  • If you want to use it with PLC, it supports NPN. Please make sure that there is GND wire 

  • If you want to use it with encoder, it requires the encoder constant speed rotating for more than 0.5s

Operating Introduction:

  • Connect the operating voltage with VCC and GND, and they cannot be reversely connected 

  • Connect frequency pulse signal with F, then there will be corresponding voltage output in the  VOUT port Input and output corresponding relationship: 100Hz=1V; 1KHz=10V

  • The module precision is 1%, and it cannot be applied to fields which has high demanding of precision