801S Vibration Sensor Module Analog Output for Arduino

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  • The form consists of a vibration sensor which employs the 801S component.

  • The output of the module is TTL, after the comparison of the vibration level with prefissabile via potentiometer.


  • Vibration sensor

  • Supply voltage 5V

  • Dimension: 20*32*11 mm

  • Component 801S and LM393 forming the commemorator

Connection mode:

single-line spaced Pin 43 Connector to < span class = notranslate ' > </span> 2.54 mm

a. Pin-216 voltage supply

b. analog output Pin-2Segnale

c. Pin-23 Mass

Module Interface Specifications (3 wire):

  • VCC external 3.3 V - 5 V

  • GND external GND