433MHz Temperature Color and Brightness Adjust Controller

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  • 2.4G RF Remote Control

  • Power: AAA battery*2pcs

  • Material:ABS

  • Fabrication processing: Multicolor printing & UV varnish

LED Controller

  • Size: 85*45*22mm

  • Working voltage: DC12-24V

  • Output control: 2 circuits

  • Control current: 6A/circuit

  • Connection method: Common anode

  • Receiving range: 30m

How to use:

1. Brightness Adjusting:

  • Use your finger to touch the left half part of color ring, you can change the brightness from the highest to the lowest (100%-1%, 20 grades of brightness to adjust).

2. Color temperature Adjusting:

  • Use your finger to touch the right half part of color ring, you can adjust the temperature from warm white to cool white (11 grades to adjust).

3. Resume function:

  • The previous settings will be resumed while power on agian.

4. Matching code:

  • Press Key 3 once within 3 seconds when power on again, the light will blink 3 times if matching is successfully.

5. Clearing code:

  •  Press Key 3 five times within 3 seconds when power on agian, the light will blink 6 times if clearing is successfully.


  • Please don't touch or press the color ring while loading the batteries to protect the sensitiveness.

  • Please use the remote controller 3 seconds after the batteries are loaded.

  • Please reload the batteries when you find the color ring is not sensitive.                                                 

Package included:

1 x Touch Screen 2.4G RF color temperature and brightness adjustable led controllr

1 x remote control