5050 RGB Full Color LED Water Lamp Module

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  • ExcellentPCBDesign , very beautiful

  • 8A three-color ( RGB ) Full ColorLEDScanning control mode

  • The same way with the digital control , position control corresponding electionLEDLit segment selector control color

  • Can produce different color change effect through different procedures

  • Apply51 / AVR / AVR / ARM / And other platforms

  • Please copy the download yourself kit :pan.baidu.com/s/1o6lvS1c


  • D0 ~ D7This8A pin which respectively control8MonthsLEDSo long as the heelCorresponding digital pins connect just fine ( as long as we turn this experiment received2 ~ 9Pin onOKA ) . Also next threeRGBThe pin , need to talkGNDConnected withRConnected to a bright red , withGConnected to bright green , withBConnected on a bright blue , even up on all three at the same time bright.