ADXL345 GY-29 Three-axis Digital Tilt Angle Module /Gravity Angle Sensor

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ADXL345 is a compact and slim low power three axis accelerometer, on high
Acceleration of up to + 16 g for high resolution (13 bit) measurements. Digital output
According to the 16 bit binary format,
Accessible via SPI (3 wire or 4 wire) or I2C digital interface.
ADXL345 is very suitable for mobile device applications. It can be used in tilt detection applications.
Measurement of static gravity acceleration, but also can measure the motion or impact caused by the dynamic plus
Speed. It has a high resolution (4 mg/LSB) capable of measuring about 0.25 degrees of inclination.
Angle variation. The use of ADXL345 and other digital output acceleration time, no need to carry out
Analog to digital conversion, which can save system cost and circuit board area. In addition,
ADXL345 is a small and thin ultra low power 3 axis accelerometer, resolution
High (13), the measurement range of + 16g. Digital output data for 16 bit binary
Complement format by SPI (3 wire or 4 wire) or I2C digital interface to access.
ADXL345 is very suitable for mobile device applications. It can be used in tilt detection
In which the static gravity acceleration is measured, the motion and the motion caused by the impact can be measured.
State acceleration. Its high resolution (3.9mg/LSB), can measure less than 1
Tilt angle variation.
The device offers a variety of special detection functions. Active and inactive detection function
To detect whether there is no movement of the acceleration on the arbitrary axis and the threshold value set by the user.
Dynamic occurrence. Knock detection function can detect single and double vibration in any direction.
For. The free fall detection function can detect whether the device is falling. These ones here
Function can be mapped independently to one of the two interrupt output pins. Being Shen
Please patent the integrated memory management system using a 32 first out
(FIFO) buffer, which can be used to store data, and thus the host processor load
Minimize and reduce overall system power consumption.
Low power mode supports motion based intelligent power management, thus with very low
Power consumption threshold sensing and motion acceleration measurement.
ADXL345 uses 3 mm x 5 mm x 1 mm, 14 pin small thin plastic