5-25V to 0.5V-25V 3A 30W DC-DC Step Up Down Module Boost and Buck Voltage Converter

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The Common Voltage Data Test

Boost Efficiency: 

  • 5.0V to 12V/1A efficiency 86.3%

  • 7.4V to 12V/1A efficiency 88.7%

  • 12V to 18V/1A efficiency 88.3%

  • 18V to 24V/1A efficiency 87.3%

Buck Efficiency:

  • 5V to 3.3V/3A efficiency 74.2%

  • 12V to 5V/3A efficiency 83.8%

  • 24V to 12V/2A efficiency 86.4%

  • 24V to 18V/2A efficiency 87.6%

Boost and Buck Efficiency:

  • 12V to 12V/3A efficiency 87.4%     

  • 5V to 5V/2A efficiency 81.4%


  •  Size:   48x26x13 (length*width*height)(mm)

  • Color:   As the picture show

  • Weight: 12g

  • Input voltage:   5-25V

  • LED Indicator :   YES

  • Enable Interface:  Yes

  • Output voltage:  0.5-25V(Adjustable)

  • IN/OUT Power :  30W(MAX)

  • Input current:   Rated current MAX 2A

  • Output current:  Rated current MAX 2A

  • In+:  Input positive   

  • In-:  Input negative

  • Out+: Output positive

  • Out-: Output negative


  • This module don't have reverse protection, if you connect reversely, it will be burned. Please pay more attention.   

  • When the output is in shot, the output will be automatically stopped. So you put out the enable interface cap and then insert it. The module will become normal.

  • When the module starts or the load is off, it will appeared easily that the temperate output voltage will be more than the preset voltage. So the module is not suitable for the device which is sensitive to voltage.