100W Full Spectrum 5 Channel LED for Reef Tank


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This exclusive LED is perfect if you want a simple yet powerful way to setup your LED lighting.

It brings a full spectrum light to your corals/fish that really brings the colors and beauty out in them with an emphasis on keeping power consumption low.

Each channel is individually addressable (they can be individually dimmed) so you can adjust the perfect color for your tank.

Layout of reef version:

White 4500K, violet 410nm/430nm, royal blue 455nm, blue 490nm, deep red 660nm

  • Channel 1: EPISTAR ES-CADBV45P 45*45mil 4500K x 20 chips (32-34V @ 700mA-1000mA)

  • Channel 2: EPISTAR ES-CADBV45P 45*45mil 455nm Royal Blue x 20 chips (32-34V @ 700mA-1000mA)

  • Channel 3: EPILEDS EP-U4545K-A3 45*45mil 430nm Violet(UV) x 20 chips (32-34V @ 700mA-1000mA)

  • Channel 4: EPILEDS BH-R4242D-A1 42*42mil 660nm x 10 chips + Epistar ES--CADBV45P 490nm x 10 chips (27-29V @ 700mA-1000mA)

  • Channel 5: EPILEDS EP-U4545K-A3 45*45mil 410nm X 20 chips (32-34V @ 700mA-1000mA)

All LED chips are using Bridgelux or Epistar 45mil Brand new chips. It can be used as 100W to 200W when forward current varies from 700mA to 1400mA per channel. SatisLED is a factory base LED wholesaler. We can customize any chip arrangements according to customer's requirements.

Specifications for 100W Full Spectrum 5 Channel LED for Reef Tank

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